2011 Stored Unserviceable: 2015 Restored to Service.

It’s only fair to warn you.

Potter is back.

When I put this site to bed in 2011 I honestly thought that I was finished with blogging. Then I briefly re-started, then I stopped again. It wasn’t a hard decision to stop because I felt that I had run out of things to say. And having started my mainline career with South West Trains it was gently communicated to me that the company no longer looked with such benevolence upon my blogging. Which was a shame, since it seemed to me and others that it shone a window on the working of the railway which didn’t involve politics or grandstanding or PR talk. It was simply the thoughts of a very junior staff member, a very enthusiastic and engaged one at that.

So the blogging stopped. But the enthusiasm didn’t. I’m still happy to say that the front of a train is where you’ll find me being paid to sit. I’m still quietly in love with getting paid to charge about the countryside and around the houses. Children waving from bridges still get waved at in return, I still eagerly tell anyone who’ll listen that they really ought to join the railway because it’s the best gig on the planet and I still can’t imagine having any other career. As I take great delight in telling everyone who asks, “It beats the crap out of working for a living.” The railway is still a paid hobby. I kept up with the Twitter feed, and now have nearly 3,000 followers – some of whom are allowed to walk the streets unsupervised – but 140 characters isn’t a proper bit of writing. So I’ve decided to revisit the blogging bit for a while and see how things go. Just to enhance the Hobby aspect of the Paid Hobby. In the interests of adding even more to the rich tapestry of Anorak, it looks like the hobby will shortly become a lot more complicated. Without going in to too much detail now, the complications will be coming from something 4-coaches long with lots of doors. Life is about to get interesting.

And then today, whilst shopping for odds and ends to take with me to Prague – eastern Europe for New Year: get a load of Intercontinental Potter! –  a friend suddenly asked me “When are you going to start writing again?”I honestly hadn’t given it too much thought until he asked and hadn’t planned on resuming. But the more I thought, the more I found myself saying “Why not? If the company don’t like what I have to say they’ll damn soon tell me.”

So here we are. Back where we started. An anorak in front of a keyboard.

A lot has changed. And a lot hasn’t. We’ll see where things go from here.


Keep ’em peeled.



About driverpotter
Train Driver. Known to buy biscuits and bark at strangers. Allowed access to credit cards and sometimes makes his own orange squash.

10 Responses to 2011 Stored Unserviceable: 2015 Restored to Service.

  1. fred says:

    Glad you are back. Looking out for more news of the gentler side of your paid hobby.

  2. David P says:

    Always appreciate your writings!

  3. Mark Bott says:

    Glad to see you are back. Best of luck with the 4 coaches with too many doors, and EE heritage traction equipment. Indeed it is good to be paid for doing what many consider a hobby. Best wished and happy New Year from the guy under the green train to the guy at the front of the red train. As well as to all other people involved with the VEP.

  4. Francis says:

    Best of luck. They frowned on my blog as well and it was designed to talk about why we get delayed and how we work to bring a good service to everyone, but hey ho…

  5. Andrew White says:

    Oh no! Just when you thought it was safe to start reading blogs again… Now we are going to have some sensible drivel to deal with, some inspired insight to ponder and oodles of somewhat warped yet practical railway blooded thinking. Is the world ready for this again? Sod the world… I AM – bring it on Dear Boy.

  6. Bucky says:

    oh no potter your back AAAAARRRRRGGGHH

  7. Robert Standish-Leigh says:

    Just cleaning up some old links, when low and behold your back !. As you now take a place next to DG of London you had better start some good morning wibblings to go with my coffee. Nice to see you back.

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